The Agent Ansarov is involved in a strange, almost impossible investigation about serial killings. The victims are agents of various Intelligence Services. With the help of his contacts he founds out that all those people are involved in the secret investigation about the Green Diamond.
Maklabas is a legendary cave-man from West Mausdonian Mountains, the keeper of the Green Diamond, very rare mineral that fell on Earth 5 million years ago and stayed endemic up to nowadays, when one scientific unit of CIA discovered it through satellite observation in the end of the '70s. Many multinational companies including Intelligence Services are interested to explore and exploit this miraculous mineral, but all their attempts are ending tragically, nobody comes back from the Mountains. The Special Agent from MVR, Antonio Ansarov, is incidentally involved. .

"MAKLABAS is a metaphorical explanation of the post communist and preinformative chaos in Southeast Europe, seen through the underground, intelligence and political aspects with a lot of implications of the coming apocalyptic ecology." (The Authors)

The film consists feature footage and computer animation (special effects). Shot on locations in Macedonia, New York and Istanbul.

Aleksandar STANKOVSKI - Director

Vlatko GALEVSKI - D.O.P.

MAKLABAS is full-length film, shot on BETA and transferred to 35 mm.duration 114 minutes.

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